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Affordable Texas Mobile Home Insurance

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  • The average homeowners insurance rates in Texas are $158 per month or $1,893 annually. Mobile homes are more prone to damage and theft. Therefore, your mobile home insurance may cost a little more.
  • Mobile home insurance is not required by Texas state law. However, some mobile home communities in Texas may require you to purchase mobile home insurance.
  • Mobile home insurance policies in Texas usually include dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability coverage. You have the option to pick and choose exactly what coverages you need.

Are you looking for affordable Texas mobile home insurance? On average, homeowners insurance in Texas costs $158 per month or $1,893 annually. However, your specific mobile home insurance Texas quotes depend on a variety of factors. This guide will help you find cheap mobile home insurance in Texas.

Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes are made in a factory rather than on a construction site. These budget-friendly living spaces are only one story high and are built on a moveable frame. Usually, to insure mobile homes, you’ll need specific mobile home insurance rather than a traditional homeowners policy. Homeowners insurance for mobile homes in Texas is no exception.

Keep reading to learn about what is covered through a mobile home insurance policy in Texas. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with basic information about what a mobile home insurance policy actually is, and how it differs from a homeowners policy.

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Homeowners Insurance for Manufactured Homes in Texas

Mobile homes, otherwise known as manufactured homes, can be found throughout the state of Texas. If you live in a mobile home in Texas, you will not need to take out the same homeowners insurance policy necessary for traditional houses. Instead, you should consider purchasing manufactured home insurance in Texas.

There is no specific state law requiring you to purchase a mobile home insurance policy in Texas. However, investing in this type of coverage will protect your assets should your mobile home or personal property ever be damaged. Similarly, if you want to live in a Texas mobile home community, you may be required to purchase mobile home insurance.

Take a look at the following table for more details about Texas homeownership rates.

Texas State Homeowners Insurance Overview
Texas State SummaryData
Population28.7 million people
Median household income$60,629
Median property value$186,000
Homeownershp rate61.70%
Average annual homeowners insurance rate$1,893
Total number of domestic property and casualty insurance providers199
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According to DataUSA, fewer Texans are homeowners than the national average of 64 percent. Mobile home and homeowners insurance quotes in Texas assess the likelihood that your home will be damaged in some way. How much is home insurance in Texas? On average, Texans pay $157 per month or $1,893 annually to protect their homes.

But how much is mobile home insurance in Texas? Due to the higher risks associated with living in a mobile home, the average cost of mobile home insurance in Texas may be higher than standard homeowners insurance.

Remember, insurance rates are all about risk management. The more likely you are to file claims with your Texas mobile home insurance company, the more money you end up costing as a client. That means higher mobile home insurance premiums.

Because mobile homes are less structurally sound than many traditionally built homes, they are more prone to weather damage. Therefore, mobile home insurance sometimes costs more than a homeowners insurance policy.

Every insurance company uses slightly different equations to calculate your mobile home insurance rates. Therefore, our expert recommendation is to compare Texas mobile home insurance quotes from multiple companies in Texas to find your cheapest rates.

FREE Mobile Home Insurance Comparison

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Texas Mobile Home Insurance Policy Details and Options

Perhaps this is your first time securing mobile home insurance in Texas. Let’s briefly discuss what you should know before you start comparing rates from mobile home insurance companies in Texas. There are a few factors to consider.

Most importantly, you should determine what type of protection you need for your mobile home. Be aware of what mobile home coverages are necessary for you, and what options you can confidently leave off your policy.

Like a normal homeowners insurance policy, mobile home insurance includes dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and liability protection. If you have the basics covered, you can opt to include other things in your insurance coverage for mobile homes.

Dwelling coverage protects the structure of the building you live in, which in this case is your manufactured home. Personal property coverage protects the items you own in case of damage. Liability policies cover any potential legal action you might face due to a guest of your home getting injured or experiencing some form of property damage at your home.

You may want coverage for things like a house fire, but remember that damage from storms, flooding, or other acts of nature coverage may cost a little more. You should also consider adding vandalism and burglary protection to your mobile home policy. Finally, consider getting insurance for mobile homes that protects you against damage from busted water pipes or other structural issues.

The following video dives deeper into different types of coverages you can consider opting into with a mobile home insurance policy.

Of course, all of these things do affect the cost of your monthly premium, but you should never settle for less than the coverage you want and need. In some cases, it may just mean making sure you get a fair comparison to find which rates would work best for you. In other cases, you’ll want to take the time to go over policy details with a fine-toothed comb.

The age of your mobile home and where it is located can also impact your annual rates. For example, older mobile home insurance tends to be less expensive than insurance for newer manufactured homes. Keep all of this in mind while you comparison shop for your best rates.

Mobile Home Insurance Companies in Texas

In order to determine who has the best Texas mobile home insurance rates, you have to compare quotes from the leading insurance companies, which include companies like Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm.

Texas also has a large population of military personnel and their families throughout the state. Military families may wonder, does USAA have mobile home insurance? Yes, the military-only insurance company does provide homeowners and mobile home insurance options.

Take a look at the top 10 homeowners insurance companies by market share in the table below, as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2017 Insurance Department Resources Report.

Top 10 Texas Mobile Home Insurance Companies by Market Share
CompaniesPercent of Market ShareNumber of Premiums Written
State Farm18.40%18,177,462,000
Liberty Mutual6.74%6,655,452,000
American Family3.32%3,276,280,000
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While the companies listed above control most of the homeowners insurance market, remember that a company’s customer service and financial stability ratings are just as important as cheap annual rates.

You want to make sure your Farmers mobile home insurance policy or AGI mobile home insurance policy is not only within your budget but also that the company treats customers well and provides quick, efficient services.

Take a look at some of the major homeowners insurance companies’ ratings from the nation’s leading rating agencies in the table below.

Top 10 Texas Mobile Home Insurance Companies by Ratings Agency
CompaniesAM BestJ.D. PowerNAIC Complaint IndexS&P Global RatingsMoody'sFitch RatingsBetter Busniess Bureau
AllstateA++882 - 8141.31A+Aa3A-A+
American Family InsuranceA881 - 8080.4n/an/aA+A
Chubb Ltd GroupA++871 - 7750.34AAAa3AAA+
Erie Insurance GroupA+885 - 8380.29N/AN/AN/AA+
FarmersA893 - 8080.37AA2N/AA+
Liberty MutualA877 - 7920.72AAA2A-A
NationwideA+886 - 7960.25A+A1N/AA+
State FarmA++878 - 8310.38AAAa1n/aA+
TravelersA++872 - 7961.13AAAa2AAA+
USAAA++905 - 8780.53AA+AaaN/AN/A
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What do these ratings mean? A.M. Best, S&P Global, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings provide consumers with insight into the credit ratings and economic stability of insurance companies. You want to trust that your insurance company can fulfill any claim, even if there is a drop in the economic climate.

J.D. Power, the NAIC Complaint Index, and the Better Business Bureau score companies based on customer service experience and satisfaction levels. Better scores mean the companies treat clients well and have efficient claims processes.

You may have noticed that Geico mobile home insurance and Progressive mobile home insurance do not appear in our data tables. However, both companies will insure your mobile home. That’s why it pays to shop around before you buy Texas mobile home insurance.

The bottom line is that getting the coverage you need for your mobile home insurance is possible, and getting Texas insurance quotes comparisons has never been easier.

You’re now an expert on getting the best mobile home insurance rates in Texas. Make a list of the protections you need, the coverage you want, and the extra options you would like to have. You can then get different mobile home insurance rate quotes based on the details you chose.

Can’t wait to get started on your Texas homeowners insurance comparisons? Simply enter your five-digit ZIP code into our FREE quote comparison tool below to find the cheapest home insurance in Texas.



FREE Mobile Home Insurance Comparison

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