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Making the Most of Your Mobile Home Insurance Quote

If you have never had coverage of this kind getting a mobile home insurance quote is important. Getting quotes to compare premiums is the best way to ensure you get the best rates for your insurance. While it is crucial that you have coverage, it is also important to make sure you get rates that are affordable.

Here are some steps you may want to take prior to getting your mobile home insurance quote:

 mobile home insurance quote

  • Find out what you need. In other words if your state has minimum requirements for insurance for mobile homes, get an idea of what these are. In most cases you are basically breaking the law if you do not meet the state minimum requirements. This is especially true if you intend to transport your mobile home.
  • Also if your mobile home is financed, there are probably other minimum requirements you should be thinking about for your policy. If you do not meet the requirements of your lender the company will tack their own insurance coverage on to the mobile home. This is often very expensive and you may not realize it has happened. The problem is even when you get coverage your lender will usually keep theirs in place unless you notify them that you do have coverage. Most people find out when they go to make their last payment and learn they still have a great deal to pay from added on insurance coverage.
  • Find out about what types of coverage are available to see what else you may want to add. Most of your basic mobile home policies do not cover certain key elements such as flood or fire. Never assume you have everything covered you want or need when it comes to insuring your mobile home.
  • Finally take all of these as a list and come up with different options when you get your mobile home insurance quote. For example, get quotes based on coverage for what you have to have as well as quotes for what you would actually like to have. By getting insurance companies to compete against each other to be your policy provider, you may find premiums low enough to get all the coverage you want.

Some Other Things to Consider

Ready to start comparing quotes for mobile home insurance coverage? It has never been easier to access those quotes and get insurance policy providers to offer those competitive rates. Before you agree on a policy, though, keep some things in mind:

  • Get all the protection you want. Never assume what you want is included. This also means be sure your policy covers your medical expenses or your possessions inside the mobile home, if you want. Too many people get a policy they do no truly understand only to find out when they try to use it that they do not have the coverage they thought they did.
  • Don’t cut corners especially when it comes to getting the minimum required by your state or financial lender. The few dollars you save up front could end up costing you severely down the road. This includes finding out what happens in instances where your home is destroyed completely. Will your insurance cover this or will you be left to pick up the pieces and paying for expenses out of your pocket?
  • Find out other ways to cut costs on your premiums. There are usually ways such as altering your deductible or down payment to change the rate of your premiums. For example, try going from a $500 deductible to a $750 to see how the rates change. Also if you are able to come up with the entire down payment for starting a new policy instead of having it broken down into monthly installments your provider will usually offer a lower rate.
  • Another trick is to try to pay for your insurance annually or even quarterly instead of monthly. Most insurance carriers offer better rates for less frequent premium payment times. Even setting up your payments to automatically come out of your checking or savings account or be billed to your credit card will help you save some money.

Now you are probably ready to get those quotes. By having the details of what you need in order to get the best quotes and rates possible you are sure to start seeing savings. Don’t put off getting this information any longer when you need it to protect your home and your belongings. By filling in just your zip code, you can lock down a mobile home insurance quote that does better than just meeting your budget.