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What is Covered by Mobile Home Insurance?

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Anyone who owns a home knows that they must have homeowner’s insurance. The same holds true for those who own mobile homes. Without this type of coverage, if anything were to happen where there were damages to your home, or you lose your belongings, you will have to cover all expenses on your own. You also need to have liability insurance, in case anyone injures themselves while on your property, and the injury could have been avoided with proper upkeep of the property. What is Covered by Mobile Home Insurance

  • The Mobile Home – Your home will be covered in the event that there are damages from things such as fires, severe weather and natural disasters. Often, flood insurance is purchased separately, and is not part of your regular coverage. When you have mobile home insurance, losses to other structures that are attached to the home, such as sheds and garages, are also covered. In many cases, policies limit liability to $100,000, but you can purchase additional coverage if you want it.
  • Trees – If you have trees or shrubbery next to your mobile home, and they are damaged or stolen, your mobile home insurance will cover the cost to replace them most of the time. The benefits paid out for trees and shrubbery will depend on the limits that are set in your policy.
  • Your Personal Belongings – Anything that you own, such as furniture, clothing, jewelry and other personal property, is covered by mobile home insurance if it is stolen, damaged or destroyed. As with the coverage for trees and shrubbery, coverage is limited by the amount you have chosen in your policy. Before you buy insurance, it is a good idea to take inventory of all of your family’s belongings, and figure out how much it would cost to replace everything. That way, you know how much insurance coverage you will actually need.

Liability Coverage

When you have mobile home insurance, you will have liability coverage. This means that if others who are visiting your property experience damages or losses, or have an injury which could have been avoided with proper care of the property, you will not have to pay these costs out-of-pocket. Believe it or not, your pets are also covered by this insurance. For instance, if you are visiting a friend’s home with your dog, and it makes a mess on the carpet, your mobile home insurance will take care of the cleaning or replacement expenses, up to a certain limit.

Most of these policies only cover losses that are not covered by your automobile insurance. Coverage starts at $100,000, but you are free to increase this amount. It will cost about $20 dollars more for every additional $100,000 in coverage you purchase. Often, it is best to have more insurance than you think you need. If something does happen that you are liable for, having extra coverage is going to come in pretty handy.

Additional Coverage

There are some things that are not covered by a basic mobile home insurance plan, but you can always purchase additional coverage. If you have damages to your mobile home that require you to live elsewhere until repairs can be made, you can get coverage that will pay for your expenses, including hotel costs. For an additional charge, you can have coverage that will pay for legal fees and other expenses that come from losses to your mobile home or property, as well as the expenses and legal fees of those who have injuries or property damage while on your property.

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If you are going to purchase a mobile home, or you already own one but want to see if you can get better insurance rates, you need to get quotes to see what all of the insurance companies are offering.

When you get your quotes, make sure that you include all of the information necessary, so you can be provided with the most accurate quotes. You want to make sure that you are getting the best rates for the insurance products you need, and getting quotes is the best way to do it.

The easiest way to get your mobile home insurance quote is to enter your zip code and you can get quotes from a number of insurance companies at once. This saves a lot of time and effort.

FREE Mobile Home Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top home insurance companies and save!