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Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana

If you own a home, you need to have home owners insurance. It is the same if you own a mobile home. Since you need to have it, you should learn as much as possible about mobile home insurance in Louisiana so you can be sure that you are going to get the best rates. Insurance is expensive, but you can find a number of ways to save money so your premiums won’t be so high.

Affording Your Own Home

mobile home insurance in Louisiana

Sometimes it is difficult for people to be able to afford their own homes, especially younger people who are just starting out. This is one of the reasons why mobile homes are so attractive to many people, because they are far less expensive to purchase than traditional houses. This is often one of the first types of homes many people purchase, and it gives them a pretty good idea of what owning a traditional home is like. Insurance for traditional homes and mobile homes are often similar, but there are some big differences due to the types of homes. For example, natural disasters can cause a lot more damage to a mobile home than a regular house, and mobile home insurance in Louisiana takes this into account.

Do You Need to Have Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana?

You do have to carry a certain amount of mobile home insurance in Louisiana. Just like with auto insurance, you need to have liability coverage in case anyone is injured while on your property, or they receive any property damage while on your property. Let’s say you have a broken step that you just can’t seem to get around to fixing. If someone were to trip and fall over that step and hurt themselves, you will be responsible for their medical bills and your liability coverage will take care of this. Most policies have a maximum of $100,000 in liability insurance, but you may have to option to purchase additional coverage.

If you have taken out a loan to purchase your mobile home you will probably be required to have a certain amount of insurance coverage for the duration of the loan. This will let the lender know that even if anything happens to your mobile home, you will be able to pay for damages and continue to make your mortgage payments.

You are Not Insuring Your Land

In many cases, mobile home owners live in mobile home parks, and there is no need for any insurance for land as it is already paid for by the park association. Even if you do purchase your own piece of land to set your mobile home on, you need to remember that you are not insuring the land, just the mobile home itself, as well as any outbuildings, such as garages, sheds and fences. Your insurance costs will reflect the actual cost to replace the home if necessary.

Your Personal Items

When you have mobile home insurance in Louisiana you can feel safe in knowing that your possessions will be covered if anything were to happen. If there is a fire and things are destroyed, or you have a burglary and items are stolen, your mobile home insurance will pay to replace these items, up to a certain limit. Some items may not be covered, such as furs, art, electronics and other big-ticket items, and you will need to purchase additional coverage. If you are on vacation and your items are stolen or destroyed your mobile home insurance will cover the replacement costs.

Look for Discounts on Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana

You may be eligible for a variety of discounts that will help you save on the cost of mobile home insurance in Louisiana. For instance, if you are older, you can get a discount for being a mature home owner. Retired persons often get really good discounts on their mobile home insurance, because they are home more often and there is not as much of a chance of a break-in occurring. When you are shopping around for mobile home insurance in Louisiana, make sure that you ask about any discounts you may qualify for.

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