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The Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Checklist

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Mobile home insurance coverage is important for anyone who has or is thinking about getting a mobile home. In fact, even if you already have mobile home insurance coverage it is important to compare rates. You may be surprised how little you could actually be paying. Even if you got great rates when you originally got your mobile home insurance policy, you could be getting even better savings right now.

The problem is too many people don’t even realize how important this type of insurance coverage is or how cheap mobile home insurance can be. The thing you have to keep in mind first and foremost is that you truly get all the protection you want and need. To do this however, you have to first be aware of what this might include.

Understanding Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

To get all the coverage you need, be sure you know what is available. For most mobile homeowners, the more protection the better so make it a point to move beyond the basics. Mobile home insurance should include:

mobile home insurance coverage

  • Repair or replacement of your manufactured home
  • Coverage that includes things like attached decks and porches
  • Other attached structures like a garage
  • On-site but detached structures like storage

Of course, checking to make sure what can cause the damage is the important part. For example, in many areas it is not possible to get this type of protection for a mobile home if the causing problem is a tornado or other weather related issues. Just do your research and you can find out what you can get. If you have not yet bought a manufactured home you may want to look into this before getting your home.

Other things that may be included in the policy could be:

  • Cost of living – This is an important aspect to include in the event that you are forced to vacate the premises in which you live due to damage or destruction. Living away from home in hotels and paying for things like meals can add up. You can find mobile home insurance that includes this in their policy coverage.
  • In the moving process – Although mobile homes are mostly meant to be relocated and set up for a stationary home these days, there is still the period of time in which you must have the home moved. In fact at a later date you may want your manufactured home relocated. Whenever your mobile home is actually mobile, it is important to make sure you get protection for your home and belongings in the process.
  • What’s inside – Finding out how to protect your belongings inside the home is also important. Not all policies automatically cover your personal belongings. Find out if you can get your personal artifacts inside the manufactured home, attached structures or detached buildings on your property with your insurance. It may not sound important but buying all new clothes, household items or tools can add up to quite a bit.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cost

Two main factors to decide about when it comes to your mobile home insurance coverage is whether you want replacement cost or actual cost for your settlement. This usually refers to the home and may also apply to the contents if you have additional coverage to include this.

  • Replacement Cost settlement is the type of insurance in which your mobile home or belongings will be replaced comparable with current prices. Though the premiums will be higher it means that regardless of age you will get replacement items close to the current version up to the amount of purchased coverage.
  • Actual Cash Value settlement is a lower priced type of policy. However depreciation is taken into consideration so while you can get your home or items replaced it will be of a value, based on age and projected condition.

Deciding which type of insurance coverage you want will be up to you and the amount of money you want to spend on your premiums. It is a good idea to assess the value of your home and belongings before making your choice. It is also important to make sure your policy includes your belongings. From there you can finally get the protection you need.

By using nothing more than your zip code to get started you can begin to get quotes for the coverage that best suits you. Get your mobile home insurance coverage quotes and get protected right away.

FREE Mobile Home Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top home insurance companies and save!