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Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana

If you own a home, you need to have home owners insurance. It is the same if you own a mobile home. Since you need to have it, you should learn as much as possible about mobile home insurance in Louisiana so you can be sure that you are going to get the best rates. Insurance is expensive, but you can find a number of ways to save money so your premiums won’t be so high.

Affording Your Own Home

mobile home insurance in Louisiana

Sometimes it is difficult for people to be able to afford their own homes, especially younger people who are just starting out. This is one of the reasons why mobile homes are so attractive to many people, because they are far less expensive to purchase than traditional houses. This is often one of the first types of homes many people purchase, and it gives them a pretty good idea of what owning a traditional home is like. Insurance for traditional homes and mobile homes are often similar, but there are some big differences due to the types of homes. For example, natural disasters can cause a lot more damage to a mobile home than a regular house, and mobile home insurance in Louisiana takes this into account.

Do You Need to Have Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana?

You do have to carry a certain amount of mobile home insurance in Louisiana. Just like with auto insurance, you need to have liability coverage in case anyone is injured while on your property, or they receive any property damage while on your property. Let’s say you have a broken step that you just can’t seem to get around to fixing. If someone were to trip and fall over that step and hurt themselves, you will be responsible for their medical bills and your liability coverage will take care of this. Most policies have a maximum of $100,000 in liability insurance, but you may have to option to purchase additional coverage.

If you have taken out a loan to purchase your mobile home you will probably be required to have a certain amount of insurance coverage for the duration of the loan. This will let the lender know that even if anything happens to your mobile home, you will be able to pay for damages and continue to make your mortgage payments.

You are Not Insuring Your Land

In many cases, mobile home owners live in mobile home parks, and there is no need for any insurance for land as it is already paid for by the park association. Even if you do purchase your own piece of land to set your mobile home on, you need to remember that you are not insuring the land, just the mobile home itself, as well as any outbuildings, such as garages, sheds and fences. Your insurance costs will reflect the actual cost to replace the home if necessary.

Your Personal Items

When you have mobile home insurance in Louisiana you can feel safe in knowing that your possessions will be covered if anything were to happen. If there is a fire and things are destroyed, or you have a burglary and items are stolen, your mobile home insurance will pay to replace these items, up to a certain limit. Some items may not be covered, such as furs, art, electronics and other big-ticket items, and you will need to purchase additional coverage. If you are on vacation and your items are stolen or destroyed your mobile home insurance will cover the replacement costs.

Look for Discounts on Mobile Home Insurance in Louisiana

You may be eligible for a variety of discounts that will help you save on the cost of mobile home insurance in Louisiana. For instance, if you are older, you can get a discount for being a mature home owner. Retired persons often get really good discounts on their mobile home insurance, because they are home more often and there is not as much of a chance of a break-in occurring. When you are shopping around for mobile home insurance in Louisiana, make sure that you ask about any discounts you may qualify for.

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If you are trying to find the best deals on mobile home insurance in Louisiana you need to get quotes to find out which insurance companies have the best rates on the insurance products you need. Let us help by searching our data bases to get you free quotes from local and national insurers. Give us your zip code, and we will give you free quotes in a few seconds.

Getting the Best from Mobile Home Insurance Rates

Although people rarely think of it, mobile home insurance rates are an important thing for many people to compare. Whether your home is going to be more stationary than mobile, it doesn’t matter. Either way you need protection for this investment. The bottom line is that since you will more than likely be parking your manufactured home on a nice lot and calling it home sweet home, than you will need protection that is similar to home owner’s insurance.

There are some things you will have to keep in mind when it comes to your policy, protection and coverage. For example:

mobile home insurance rates

  • For your mobile home insurance rates, does this include your personal belongings as well? A great deal of expense after tragedy strikes is replacing household items like clothing or even appliances. Make sure the policy you get includes this if you want it included.
  • Does you manufactured home insurance policy include attached structures like a carport, garage or porch? Many mobile homeowners assume this is included only to find out once they file a claim they are unfortunately wrong. Make sure you get your attached structures included if this is applicable to your situation.
  • Are other buildings on your property also included in your mobile homeowners insurance? For instance, if you have a storage shed or gazebo you may want this to be covered as well. Don’t assume, ask about it. If it isn’t, inquire if your policy can cover this type of add-on for a little extra premium amount per month.

Other Considerations for Your Mobile Home Coverage

Keep in mind –it may be more challenging to get certain things covered, especially based on where you live. This is especially true for any type of insurance including standard homeowners. For instance, if you live in an area prone to tornadoes or floods it may be more expensive to get coverage, if possible at all. Make sure not to be surprised if when you give your zip code you find out your rates could be higher because of a higher chance of storms, natural disasters of Acts of God.

You can help save money on your mobile home insurance rates with several different tips. For instance:

  • If you have other types of insurance with other providers like car insurance or motorcycle insurance, consider bundling them with one carrier and watch the prices for all of them drop.
  • If you can pay annually or quarterly instead of monthly you will also see some great savings. Save up if you must, but when you get the quotes back and see how much this could save you it will prove to be worthwhile.
  • Get your quotes from competing companies. Nothing can save you more money than actually taking the time to compare rates. The best thing is it is as easy as entering your zip code. Just provide us with this information and have the quotes brought to you. In no time, you will be saving with great mobile home insurance rates tailor made for you.

Mobile Home Insurance in NC

Home ownership is the dream of many Americans, and the type of homes we dream of owning can vary greatly. While some people want to live in traditional houses, many people prefer living in mobile homes, for a variety of reasons. If you live in North Carolina and you have a mobile home you will need to learn about the various insurance requirements so you can be sure that you have the right amount of coverage.

mobile home insurance in NC

Did you know that there are more than 200,000 mobile homes in North Carolina? This means that there are many different companies offering good rates on mobile home insurance in NC. This is because so many people need it that the insurance companies can afford to offer discounts in order to be competitive. Of course, insurance can still be expensive, so you need to find ways to get discounts on mobile home insurance in NC. The trick is to understand all of the ins and outs about mobile home insurance. This way, you will know which discounts you may be eligible for.

Should You Buy a New or a Used Mobile Home?

The age of your home will have a lot to do with the cost of your mobile home insurance in NC. Newer models cost much less to insure than older homes, so you may be better off purchasing a new mobile home rather than one that has been pre-owned. The reason for this is that the newer models are made with the newest materials, including fire-resistant materials. They often come equipped with built-in smoke detectors and storm shutters, and the more features they have, the better chances you have of getting a good rate for mobile home insurance in NC.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t buy an older mobile home. It may be that this is all you can afford, and it is the only way you are going to be able to own your own home. You can make upgrades to the older models so they will be easier to insure. You can add storm shutters, install smoke detectors and burglar alarms, and you will find that you can get similar insurance rates as those who own newer model mobile homes.

Time to Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you have probably been lectured for years about the dangers of smoking and how you should quit. While this is a lot easier said than done, there are many rewards to quitting smoking. Not only is quitting smoking going to greatly improve your overall health, you may also be eligible for discounts on mobile home insurance in NC. This is because if there are no smokers in the home, there are going to be fewer chances of fires occurring. If you or one of your family members is a smoker, you will pay more for your mobile home insurance. If no one in your household smokes make sure that you mention this in order to qualify for a discount on your premiums.

What Type of Coverage Do You Need?

When you are shopping around for mobile home insurance in NC, you need to know what you are looking for. After all, you don’t want to end up paying for coverage that you don’t even need. If you can afford it, you should have All-Risk coverage. This is a full coverage insurance policy that will cover you for pretty much everything.

If your mobile home is less than 20 years old you will probably qualify for this type of coverage. You need to have liability coverage, which will pay for expenses if anyone is injured or their property is damaged while they are on your property. You should also have coverage that will protect you if you have storm damage, as well as fire insurance. Another type of coverage to look into is insurance for any outbuildings, including sheds, garages, baby barns and fences.

Getting Discounts on Mobile Home Insurance in NC

Just because you need to have mobile home insurance in NC it doesn’t mean that you have to pay too much for it. Many people pay way too much for their insurance, simply because they don’t know that they may be eligible for many different discounts. Some of the discounts you can learn about include:

  • Multi-Policy Discounts – If you also have auto and life insurance, you can combine all of your policies into one bundle to save money on your mobile home insurance in NC.
  • Discounts for Upgrades – If you have made any upgrades to your mobile home you may qualify for discounts on your mobile home insurance.

You need to be sure that you understand mobile home insurance in NC in order to know that you are getting the best rates. The more you know, the better equipped you will be when it comes time to actually buy your insurance. You can learn a lot about mobile home insurance on the Internet, and you can always contact insurance companies to ask questions without being obligated to buy anything. When you have done your homework, you will know exactly what you need for mobile home insurance in NC, and how much you should be paying for it.

Shop Around for the Best Insurance Rates

In order to get the best rates for mobile home insurance in NC you need to shop around and ask for free quotes from at least a few different insurance companies. This is the only way you are going to be able to find out which insurers are offering the best deals on the insurance products you are looking for.

The easiest way to get many quotes at once is to go online and make your request. Simply give us your zip code, sit back and let us search our data bases to get you free quotes from local and national insurers so you can get the best rates on mobile home insurance in NC. Go online today to get your free quotes for mobile home insurance in NC.


Do You Know How to Get Mobile Home Insurance Quotes Online?

If you are researching mobile home insurance quotes online, it means you are ready to get a policy in place for your mobile home. Or, you could be considering getting one and in that case should know what to expect for rates. Just as with your vehicle, your mobile home needs protection. Similar to a traditional house your mobile home needs protection. The bottom line is that, as the owner of a mobile home you need protection.

If you need protection it could be because you have a single, double or triple wide manufactured home that you need to insure. Even if your mobile home is being set on your financed, owned or rented property, you still need coverage and protection for getting it there. This is especially true if the value you owe on the financed loan is greater than that of the value if the mobile home.

Getting What You Need

mobile home insurance quotes online

There are different options for policies when it comes to checking out mobile home insurance quotes online. The truth is, the price of the premiums should not be the deciding factor for the type of coverage you get. By shopping around and comparing affordable quotes you can find a policy provider that can get you everything you want in your coverage at an affordable rate.

For example there are things to consider like:

  • getting repairs or replacement taken care of for your owned or financed manufactured home
  • getting additional coverage for things like attached decks and porches
  • having extra coverage for damage to attached structures like garages
  • finding out about coverage for structures on your property like detached storage sheds

The bottom line is that if you want it protected and insured you should be able to do so. Don’t try to save a few dollars on premiums but end up not getting the total insurance protection and coverage you want and need. Mobile home protection is as important as any other type of home insurance. Make sure the home and items inside are insured for the peace and mind of you and your family.

Other Considerations

Too many mobile homeowners settle for less coverage than they should have because they don’t know what is available. In some cases, it could be because they also do not think they can afford the premiums for the total coverage. Of course, without shopping around for mobile home rates a person could not possible be aware of just how cheap mobile home insurance rates can be.

Getting mobile home insurance quotes online is how you can be certain you get all the protection you need. The important part is to make sure you get the coverage you need before it is too late. Don’t wait until after disaster strikes to find out how little coverage you actually had. All it takes is your zip code and you could be on your way to getting quotes. When it comes to getting mobile home insurance quotes online you already found the source to give you all the information you need.

The Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Checklist

Mobile home insurance coverage is important for anyone who has or is thinking about getting a mobile home. In fact, even if you already have mobile home insurance coverage it is important to compare rates. You may be surprised how little you could actually be paying. Even if you got great rates when you originally got your mobile home insurance policy, you could be getting even better savings right now.

The problem is too many people don’t even realize how important this type of insurance coverage is or how cheap mobile home insurance can be. The thing you have to keep in mind first and foremost is that you truly get all the protection you want and need. To do this however, you have to first be aware of what this might include.

Understanding Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

To get all the coverage you need, be sure you know what is available. For most mobile homeowners, the more protection the better so make it a point to move beyond the basics. Mobile home insurance should include:

mobile home insurance coverage

  • Repair or replacement of your manufactured home
  • Coverage that includes things like attached decks and porches
  • Other attached structures like a garage
  • On-site but detached structures like storage

Of course, checking to make sure what can cause the damage is the important part. For example, in many areas it is not possible to get this type of protection for a mobile home if the causing problem is a tornado or other weather related issues. Just do your research and you can find out what you can get. If you have not yet bought a manufactured home you may want to look into this before getting your home.

Other things that may be included in the policy could be:

  • Cost of living – This is an important aspect to include in the event that you are forced to vacate the premises in which you live due to damage or destruction. Living away from home in hotels and paying for things like meals can add up. You can find mobile home insurance that includes this in their policy coverage.
  • In the moving process – Although mobile homes are mostly meant to be relocated and set up for a stationary home these days, there is still the period of time in which you must have the home moved. In fact at a later date you may want your manufactured home relocated. Whenever your mobile home is actually mobile, it is important to make sure you get protection for your home and belongings in the process.
  • What’s inside – Finding out how to protect your belongings inside the home is also important. Not all policies automatically cover your personal belongings. Find out if you can get your personal artifacts inside the manufactured home, attached structures or detached buildings on your property with your insurance. It may not sound important but buying all new clothes, household items or tools can add up to quite a bit.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cost

Two main factors to decide about when it comes to your mobile home insurance coverage is whether you want replacement cost or actual cost for your settlement. This usually refers to the home and may also apply to the contents if you have additional coverage to include this.

  • Replacement Cost settlement is the type of insurance in which your mobile home or belongings will be replaced comparable with current prices. Though the premiums will be higher it means that regardless of age you will get replacement items close to the current version up to the amount of purchased coverage.
  • Actual Cash Value settlement is a lower priced type of policy. However depreciation is taken into consideration so while you can get your home or items replaced it will be of a value, based on age and projected condition.

Deciding which type of insurance coverage you want will be up to you and the amount of money you want to spend on your premiums. It is a good idea to assess the value of your home and belongings before making your choice. It is also important to make sure your policy includes your belongings. From there you can finally get the protection you need.

By using nothing more than your zip code to get started you can begin to get quotes for the coverage that best suits you. Get your mobile home insurance coverage quotes and get protected right away.

Mobile Home Insurance in Arizona

Most people don’t find it much different living in a mobile home than living in a traditional home, but the type of insurance they must carry is different. This is because many things can happen that may not damage a traditional house but could totally destroy a mobile home, such as severe weather. The mobile home insurance Arizona residents need to have will cover many expenses that you may not be able to afford if you had to pay for them all at once on your own, and these expenses can add up pretty quickly.

Why Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance?mobile home insurance Arizona

Arizona is a state that can see a lot of severe weather. In fact, the damage caused by severe can add up into the millions and even billions, as we saw with Hurricane Katrina. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are carrying the amount of mobile home insurance Arizona residents are encouraged to have.  Not only will your insurance cover damages to your mobile home, it will also pay to repair or replace any adjacent structures, including fences, garages, sheds and even trees and shrubbery. Other things that are covered by mobile home insurance include:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Storm damage, including lightning strikes
  • Damage caused by severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.
  • Water damage caused by plumbing problems
  • Damage caused by falling objects, such as tree limbs
  • Items that are stolen from your property
  • Collapsing structures
  • Damage caused by vandalism
  • Liability protection for accidents causing injury to others visiting your property, which includes medical coverage

In addition to the basic coverage that is included with mobile home insurance Arizona residents need you should also consider having extra coverage for the things that are not included in a regular policy. These include:

  • Coverage for high-end possessions – While most of your possessions can be replaced through your mobile home insurance, some items may require additional coverage. These items can include electronics, jewelry, fine art and furs.
  • Additional liability coverage – The more liability coverage you can afford to have the better. If you do end up being sued by someone who is injured while on your property, you may not have enough coverage to pay for all of the damages with your regular policy.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

The best way to choose the right insurance company is to shop around and see which insurers are offering the best deals on the mobile home insurance Arizona residents must have. The best way to do this is to get free quotes from local and national insurers. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and energy, you can go online and give us your zip code so we can get the quotes for you. We have thousands of insurers in our data bases, and we can get many free quotes for you in just a couple of minutes.

Save Money on Alabama Mobile Home Insurance

If you own a home of any type, you need to have a certain amount of home owner’s insurance coverage. This is also true if you own a mobile home. In some states, it is important to make sure that you have total coverage, such as Alabama and other states that are known to have severe weather patterns. If you live in Alabama and have a mobile home, you will need to have Alabama mobile home insurance, which will cover a variety of things, including:

Alabama mobile home insurance

  • Replacement costs – If your mobile home and adjacent structures, including sheds, fences, garages and even trees are destroyed by fire or severe weather, you will have the funds available to replace everything through your Alabama mobile home insurance.
  • Personal property protection – Most of your personal possessions will be covered by your Alabama mobile home insurance, including furniture, clothing, appliances and more. Some high-end items are not covered by a regular policy, and you will need to purchase additional coverage for them. These items can include, but are not limited to photography equipment, electronics, musical instruments, jewelry and furs.
  • Flood Insurance – If you live in an area where there is high water or frequent flooding, you will be required to have flood insurance, which will probably be included in your policy. You may be required to purchase additional coverage if you are not in a high-flood area.
  • Moving Insurance – If you need to move your mobile home, you can purchase one-time coverage that will pay for any damages that are a result of the move. This coverage usually is good for 30 days.
  • Liability coverage – Accidents can happen, and if they happen to someone while they are on your property, and the accident could have been prevented (such as falling on a broken step) you could be sued. Your Alabama mobile home insurance will include coverage if anything like this should happen.

Money-Saving Tips

Even though your insurance agent may not want to inform you about discounts, you can find many ways to save money on your Alabama mobile home insurance. For instance, if you are able to maintain an excellent credit rating, you can get a discount on your insurance premiums. Here are some more money-saving tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for Alabama mobile home insurance:

  • Don’t keep switching insurers – The longer you do business with any company, including insurance companies, the better deals you are going to get. Many insurance companies offer loyalty discounts to customers who have been with them for three years or longer. The longer you are insured by the same company, the higher the discounts could be.
  • Switch if you can get better deals – While it is good to stick with the same insurer, it may be that you are paying too much and you can get better rates from a different insurance company. Even if you already have Alabama mobile home insurance, you can still get quotes to see if other insurers are offering better deals. If you are paying too much, you can always switch to a different insurer.
  • Have one insurer for all of your policies – In addition to Alabama mobile home insurance, you probably also have auto insurance and life insurance. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to customers who choose to let them handle all of their insurance needs.
  • Don’t get more coverage than you really need – Many unscrupulous insurers will try to sell you products you don’t need. If you have done your research before you start to shop around, you will know exactly what you need and you won’t get sucked in by a fast sales pitch, which tends to happen a lot of the time.

Get Your Free Insurance Quotes Today

One of the best ways to save money on Alabama mobile home insurance is to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. After all, every insurance company is different, and they are not all going to have the same products and services at the same prices. You can get quotes from insurance companies for free, and the more quotes you have, the better able you will be to make the right decision about your Alabama mobile home insurance.

Get online today and give us your zip code. We will search our data bases to get quotes from national and local insurers so you can make sure that you are going to get the absolute best rates on the coverage you need.

Getting the Best Rates from Mobile Home Insurance Companies

Do you own a mobile home? If so, you are going to need a different type of insurance policy than a regular home owner’s policy. This is because you will need protection against things that would not damage a regular house, but could destroy a mobile home. In order to get the best prices on your coverage, you need to get quotes from many different mobile home insurance companies. It may even be that you currently have coverage, but you can still get quotes to see if you are paying too much and could be paying much less through a different insurer. Not only will this insurance provide coverage for your mobile home, it will also pay for damages to adjacent structures, such as garages, sheds and fences.

Is there a Difference between Mobile, Manufactured and Modular Homes?

mobile home insurance companies

When it comes to mobile home insurance companies, there is no difference between mobile and manufactured homes. Basically, any mobile home built after June 15, 1976 is referred to as a manufactured home by the government and insurance companies. Your mobile home insurance will cover damages, whether your home is referred to as manufactured or mobile. A modular home is an entirely different thing, and it falls under the same category as regular home owner’s insurance.

Why Should You Have Mobile Home Insurance?

Any home owner needs to have a certain amount of insurance coverage, and this includes anyone who owns a mobile home. In fact, home owners are required by law to carry liability insurance coverage so if anyone is injured while on their property and they sue, there is money to pay for the damages. Another important reason to carry mobile home insurance is the simple fact that you pay a lot of money for the things you own, and if anything were to happen to them, you may not be able to afford to replace them. Your mobile home insurance will pay to replace many of your possessions, including furniture and clothing if they are stolen or destroyed.

What is Covered by Mobile Home Insurance?

When you have a complete mobile home insurance policy, you are covered for a variety of things. For example, if your mobile home or any adjacent structures are destroyed by fire or severe weather, you will have the funds available to repair or replace them. You may even have coverage if you need to move your mobile home to a new location, but you will probably need to have this as additional coverage. Other things that are covered by this insurance include:

  • Personal Property – Most of your personal property will be covered by your mobile home insurance. Some exceptions are big-ticket items, such as fur coats, jewelry and art work. Your possessions are even covered while they are not in your home, such as when you are on vacation.
  • Personal Liability Protection – This is coverage that kicks in if anyone is injured while on your property and the injury was due to negligence on your part and could have been prevented. This coverage will keep you from having to cough up a lot of money if you are sued for damages, including medical expenses.

Mobile Home Insurance FAQ’s

No matter how much you think you know about insurance, you probably have at least a few questions. Here are some answers to the questions many mobile home insurance companies get asked frequently:

  • What is replacement cost? This is the cost to replace your mobile home and your possessions in the event that they are destroyed by an event that is covered in your policy. If you don’t have replacement cost included in your policy terms, you will only get the actual cash value for your possessions, and not the value at the time of purchase or what it would cost to replace them.
  • What personal property is not covered? Your regular mobile home insurance policy will not cover such items as camera equipment, jewelry, coins, musical instruments, computers and other very valuable items. You will have to purchase additional insurance to protect these things.
  • Are firearms covered? If you are a gun owner, your guns will be covered by your mobile home insurance, but not completely. Some guns are more valuable than others, or are put into different categories, and you may need to purchase additional coverage for these. It is best to ask your insurer and let them know what you have for firearms.
  • Will I have flood insurance? Depending on the area where you live, you may or may not have flood insurance. If you live in an area where there is frequent flooding or risk of flooding, you may be required to carry this type of coverage.
  • Do I have coverage while moving my mobile home? If you are moving your mobile home to a new location, the trip collision coverage in your policy will cover any damages that may occur during the move. You purchase this when you need it, and as a rule it is good for 30 days from the time of purchase.
  • What if I only live in my mobile home during certain months? You can purchase seasonal mobile home insurance that will cover things like theft when you are not living in your mobile home.

Finding the Best Mobile Home Insurance Rates

Most mobile home insurance companies are going to offer different products and rates, so you need to shop around to see who is going to offer you what you need at the best price. Even if you currently have mobile home insurance, you can still take a look to see what others are offering, and you could end up switching insurers to save money. Getting quotes from insurers is easy, and we can make it even easier. All you have to do is give us your zip code, and we can get you quotes from mobile home insurance companies in your area, as well as from the national insurers.


Best Reasons to Get Mobile Home Park Insurance

If you already have car insurance, motorcycle insurance or any other type of coverage you probably realize how important having mobile home park insurance is. Just like homeowners insurance, getting the coverage you need to protect your manufactured home is essential. Of course, with each different type of insurance comes unique options or details of the policy. So when it comes to this kind of insurance coverage, you will probably be getting:

  • Coverage for the home itself. If something should happen to the mobile home you are living in, especially while in a park, you will have damage or destruction covered. Of course, what type of damage or destruction is where it can get tricky. You will have to check with your own policy carrier to find out exactly what is included.
  • You may also have protection for adjacent structures. For example, if you get mobile home park insurance coverage and your home catches fire which also ignites a storage building you keep on your lot this may also be covered. You may also want a policy that covers neighboring mobile homes. Living in a park is unique to other types of living situations because there is of course a risk of damaging someone else’s mobile home in the event of a fire, for example.
  • If you get certain types of coverage, you may also have all or some of your personal belongings covered in the event of a claim. This is important so you can replace items like furniture or even clothing within your mobile home. Too many people do not think about this until they have an incident and are left with nothing. You could quite honestly lose everything you own and then where would you be if you did not have mobile home park insurance.
  • You should also have coverage for anything that could potentially happen on your property even if you are only renting your lot in a mobile home park. Like homeowner’s insurance, you want to make sure you or visitors are covered in the event of an accident resulting in injury that happens on your lot. This could be a friend visiting or a paid worker cutting trees. Whatever the case do not leave yourself open to lawsuits leading to expenses you would have to pay out of your own pocket. In fact, for many having just the type of liability insurance is enough but having it in the first place is very important.

The main thing is determining what your mobile home park insurance should cover. Policies can vary depending on the carrier of course, but think about what types of things you want covered as you get ready to compare quotes. If you already have mobile home insurance you should find out if your policy covers these things too.

  • Damage or destruction caused by fire. In addition, does your policy cover your home if a fire is started off your property or at another mobile home within the park.
  • Damage or destruction from storms and natural disasters. This is especially important for things like floods. Of course, mobile home parks are also prone to having a great deal of damage in the event of a tornado. For this reason, it can be more challenging to find a policy that will cover this for an affordable rate especially if you live in an area that is a higher risk for tornadoes. IT does not however have to be impossible or unaffordable. When you compare quotes just check if the different carriers do or do not include this.
  • Also check to see if your mobile home insurance policy currently covers what could be deemed an Act of God. These events are also things that some insurance carriers do not cover. You may be assuming you presently have these types of things covered only to find out this is not the case. Ask your current provider and ask other companies as you get your quotes.
  • Even having insurance for mobile homes that covers damage from vandalism or riots is important to have. Just as you would want to protect a standard home against certain things, making sure your mobile home is also covered in the event any of these things should happen is equally important.

Other Things to Consider

If you actually intend to move your mobile home make sure you find out about coverage for this with your mobile home park insurance. Park insurance can be different because it is for a mobile home that is parked and not intended to be moved. If you plan to move it make sure you have it covered before taking it on the road. You may also want protection against:

  • Potential theft or burglary – Like vandalism if someone should cause damage to your home in a break in attempt you want to know you have it covered. If someone does break in you will also want those items repaired or replaced.
  • Landslides or falling objects – While it may not seem very likely, that is part of the importance of insurance coverage. If you have something like this happen but do not have insurance, how else will you be able to have protection? If mobile home is damaged from something like a landslide or falling objects you can be protected or pay out of pocket.
  • Water damage – Aside from flooding you could have damage from a busted pipe. The interior of your home could be ruined and need to be repaired or replaced. Not to mention you may have many personal belongings you need to replace, especially electronics. Unless you have the money saved to pay for and replace these items it would be a good idea to have them insured.

Ready to get your own policy or find out how your current one compares? By entering just your zip code, you will be on your way to getting rates from competing companies for your mobile home park insurance coverage.

Dallas Mobile Home Insurance: Things You Need to Know

It does not matter what type of dwelling you own, you are going to need to have homeowner’s insurance. If you live in Dallas, Texas and you own a mobile home, you will need a specific type of coverage. Dallas mobile home insurance will pay to replace or repair your home, and will cover many of your expenses while you are not able to live there.

All policies are different, and if you are buying this type of coverage for the first time, make sure that you understand everything about your policy, and read all of the fine print. You need to know what your rights are. In fact, in Texas, there is a Consumer Bill of Rights for homeowners and insurance. Whenever you get a new policy or renew one, your insurer must send you a copy of this.

What Coverage Do You Need?

If you own a mobile home in Dallas, Texas, your homeowner’s insurance will be similar to that of someone who lives in a traditional house. In most cases, your policy will be broken down into the following five categories:

  • Dwelling – This will pay you if your home is damaged or ruined by something that is covered. Coverage extends to any out-buildings, including sheds, garages and even fences.
  • Personal Property – If any items in your house are stolen, damaged or ruined, your insurance will replace them. Items can include furniture, clothing, appliances and more. If you have high-end items such as jewelry and furs, you will have to purchase additional coverage.
  • Liability – If someone is injured while on your property and sues you for damages, liability insurance will pay up to $25,000 in damages. You have the option to purchase up to $1 million in additional liability coverage.
  • Medical Payments – Your insurance will pay $500 in medical bills for anyone who is injured while on your property. You may purchase additional coverage, up to $5,000.
  • Loss of Use – If you have to relocate temporarily due to damage to your mobile home, your insurance will pay for living expenses. These include housing (hotels and motels), food and other expenses.

Two Policy Types in Dallas, Texas

When you own a mobile home in Dallas, you have options when it comes to insurance. Two types of insurance policies are typically sold in Texas. These are:

  • All-Risk – Also referred to as comprehensive or open perils coverage, this is a wide range of protection, and you are covered for pretty much everything that can happen. Anything you are not covered for will be listed.
  • Named Perils – There is not as much coverage as an all-risk policy, and the only losses covered are those that are named right in the policy.

Your Coverage

You may be wondering what things are going to be covered by your Dallas mobile home insurance. Not all companies offer the same types of coverage, so it is a good idea to shop around to make sure that you are getting the exact coverage you need, and at a competitive rate.

Note: No matter what type of policy you have, even if it is an all-risk policy, you can expect that some damages are going to be excluded from coverage.

  • Most policies will cover the following:
  • Damage caused by lightning
  • Damaged caused by fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Severe weather damage (there may be certain exclusions if you live along the Gulf Coast)
  • Water damage
  • Riots and civil commotion
  • Vehicles and aircraft

The following things are NOT covered by Dallas, Texas mobile home insurance policies:

  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Infestation
  • Frozen pipes if you have left the home unoccupied
  • Losses if your home is left vacant for a certain period of time
  • Regular maintenance
  • Wind damage to trees and shrubs
  • Mold, unless it is caused by insurable water damage
  • Water damage caused by seepage

Other Coverage You May Want

Because not everything is covered by most of these policies, you may wish to purchase additional coverage for certain things. For instance, if you live in an area where there is a lot of severe weather, you should have windstorm and hail insurance. This is offered in all of the coastal counties in Texas, as well as parts of Harris County on Galveston Bay.

You may also want to have:

  • Flood Insurance – This is not part of regular homeowner’s insurance, and you will have to purchase a separate policy from the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Earthquake Insurance – Again, this is not covered in traditional policies, and separate insurance is required.
  • Additional Coverage – You can get endorsements to your policy. This will raise your limits but remember, your premium will also increase.
  • Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance – For added protection of your assets, you can get additional liability coverage in a separate policy.


The cost of Dallas mobile home insurance varies, and it depends on a number of factors. The age and condition of your home can play a role. Remember, you cannot be denied insurance because your home is older or lower in value. The cost to replace your mobile home is another factor. The area where your home is located will also help to determine your insurance premiums.

The best way to get the best rates for Dallas mobile home insurance is to get quotes from as many insurers as possible. Take a look at what the different companies have to offer, and decide based on your needs and their rates. You can get many free quotes online. We use your zip code to get quotes from a number of insurers in your area. You do not have to give us any personal information, just let us know what it is you are looking for in the way of coverage. Go online today to request your free insurance quotes, and get the coverage you need for your mobile home and surrounding property.